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I was born in London in 1980.

I studied mechanical engineering at Bath University , graduating in 2004. I then went on to graduate from Ron Arad's Design Products course at the Royal College of Art In 2007.

My combined design / engineering background allows me to work on many levels of product development from initial concepts to the mechanical workings to the aesthetic and ergonomic form of the product. This combination can prove invaluable ensuring the design can reach its maximum potential while remaining feasible and not compromised by its technical requirements.

I have worked with a broad mix of artists, designers, and the engineering industry including Tom Sachs, Kit Grover and Dyson research and development.

I currently provide freelance design, technical, and manufacturing consultancy to many clients throughout the design, art and manufacturing worlds.

Working from my London studio workshop I'm also able to provide prototyping and model making services, or larger design and make commissions. I have a large experience of working with many manufactures, and if unable to produce a piece personally I can arrange and over see its production else where.

Clients include:

Haberdashery London ltd , DAKA research ( Hong Kong ), Sebastian Bergne, BLUW ltd and Ryan Gander